Choosing a Marketing Provider that Delivers High ROI

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Choosing a Marketing Provider that Delivers High ROI

If you feel like you’re ready to outsource your marketing efforts you probably have a lot of questions. How will you know which marketing provider will give you the best results for the time and money you invest?

It’s a question loaded with variables. One thing that’s certain: you need your business goals met and results that deliver a high ROI (return on investment). And making the wrong choice is expensive—in dollars spent, customers lost and time wasted.

Let’s break this question down further.

Do I need a marketing agency?

Small business owners were asked about their top concerns in a survey. Their top two worries were: finding new customers (66 percent) and having enough time to do everything they need to do (55 percent). Sound familiar?

Most business owners know what they need but don’t have the time to get new customers and run their business.

You may feel spread thin but recognize how important it is to find and win new customers. Pair that with another interesting statistic: 47% of small business owners handle marketing efforts on their own, which leads to another question.

How does my company gain an edge over my competition?

Delegating to someone who can expertly devote 100% towards your company’s marketing gives you a big advantage over half (47%) of your competition, that according to the statistic above, does some DIY marketing. And even better—you free up a large chunk of time to focus on business development, customer retention and new product/service expansion.

But using various marketing providers for different tasks may eat up that time you’re looking to recoup because it takes time to manage all those providers. And you miss out on a fully integrated approach that’s consistent across all your channels.

Full-service marketing offers full-scale growth.

The best option for busy, growing small businesses is to work with a full-service agency that integrates branding, digital advertising, public relations and more. But that’s an elusive find!

We’re talking about a new model of marketing agency- a hybrid that covers all the aspects of your company’s public persona in one place.

Craft & Communicate is this new model of hybrid marketing provider. We’re one part ad agency, one part digital marketing agency and one part branding and PR service. We fully cover your organization’s needs with an evolving, responsive marketing plan that is results-driven to maximize your investment.

A report published by Business Insider showed that most small businesses focus on increasing revenue (72%) but also see great value in establishing new customer relationships (60%) as well as marketing and advertising (46%).

Most of our customers are at a point where customer retention and their company’s increasing revenue require their full attention. But they recognize that growth is also powered by new customers. Our partnership is simple: we develop and execute their brand’s marketing strategy and they focus on their company’s big picture.

We drive the new customers to you and you take it from there.

In our years of working with clients, we have learned that two critical aspects achieve our customer’s goals best: DIGITAL MARKETING and BRANDING.

Numbers back our findings up. Retailing Today found that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. Even if you provide a service instead of a retail product, your online presence and digital marketing efforts are vital to getting new customers and closing a sale.

But digital marketing on its own isn’t enough to produce the growth and reputation that sets you up as an industry leader. Online presence, optimizing SEO, social media, driving traffic and lead conversion are great but how can you build a business that customers instantly recognize, trust and keep coming back to? You need a well-planned, recognizable and trustworthy brand message as the foundation.

“45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it.” Marketing Profs

What is your brand saying?

At Craft & Communicate we start with the CRAFT to pinpoint your audience, polish and refine your brand’s message and set your company apart through:

  • Competitive analysis and market research
  • Customer and audience assessment
  • Strategy development based on the competitive analysis and research results
  • Design and development of your organization’s brand, identity and message

The greatest brands tell great stories.

When we use the tools above to develop and refine your brand’s message, we move on to the next stage: communicating it. Our writing and social media team broadcast your message loud and clear to your target audience, consistently and regularly.

We COMMUNICATE the results-driven plan through the following channels:

  • Brand and logo development and implementation across all media
  • Website development and optimization
  • Photography
  • Video production
  • Content writing
  • Print and online advertising and marketing
  • Lead capture
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Public relations

When you build a relationship with us you can entrust the execution of your brand’s message to our team of capable experts with years of experience. Why not reach out so we can continue the conversation of what we can do for you?

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