A Top Brand Starts with this 4-Question Marketing Checklist

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A Top Brand Starts with this 4-Question Marketing Checklist

If you’re here, then you’re ready to get started with Craft & Communicate. We look forward to helping you grow! We’ve created this article to help you understand our marketing process and what we need from you to develop and broadcast the perfect message to your prospects.

Perhaps you simply need a website design or a new flyer printed. But have you considered how much more effective a fully-integrated marketing plan could be? Here’s why:

It takes 5-7 impressions for consumers to recognize a brand’s logo.

The most successful marketing plan is multi-faceted using logos, a website, social media, blogging and print material so that your brand’s message is consistently repeated—and top of mind—for your target audience.

Let’s define what we mean by “your brand”.

Your brand is what you communicate to customers and what sets you apart from your competitors. A reputable, recognizable brand is one of the most valuable assets your company can have.

A Nielsen survey found that 59% of consumers prefer to buy products from brands familiar to them. Developing the perfect message for your company and communicating it consistently is the foundation of your company’s growth.

Regardless of how small or big your marketing goals are, take the time to ask yourself the 4 questions below.

1. What’s your brand’s message?

How will you set yourself apart from competitors big and small? The answer is not as simple as cheaper, faster or more.

Statistics show that consumers are willing to buy (and pay more) when they feel good about the brand they’re buying from. Emotion is key. A heartwarming company story or how your company makes a difference in the community or the world builds emotion and connection with a customer.

Clues to what your story is can also come from current clients. Do you have testimonials you can share with us? Have you ever asked your best clients why they choose you? This information will help us define your message and find which new prospects we should target.

2. What message components are right for your brand?

The components are all the tools that broadcast your message. They’re your marketing materials and include:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Video and Video channels like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Podcasts
  • Brochures
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Packaging
  • Mailers
  • Signage

Like we mentioned, prospects need to see you at least 5-7 times before they remember you. For a successful brand campaign to work, all marketing components must consistently use the same voice, logos and recognizable aspects that resonate with your target audience.

3. Which marketing channel do your existing and target customers use the most?

Three of the top ways consumers today see your message (and how you can reach them) include:

Online. Creating an online presence campaign built around your company’s website including regular, keyword targeted, high quality content that attracts new customers and keeps current customers engaged.

Social media. Growing your social media following is a direct way to market and speak to your growing fan base.

Print. Newspaper advertising, sales letters, events, flyers and brochures reach a traditional target audience that responds best to personal, localized messages.

Oftentimes a combination of two or more of the above are needed. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about what the right answer may be. We’ll help you find the answer.

4. How best will you convert prospects into loyal clients?

What will you do when a target customer responds to your marketing? You’ve put considerable time, money and effort into attracting new customers, now it’s time to convert them.

Campaigns that track the behavior of your prospects to see how they responded to your website or ads, capturing leads by collecting email addresses to use for newsletters or promotions, or offering ways for customers to request further information convert a visitor into a potential client.

Putting it all together

Now that you have an idea of what we work with, take the time to envision your company’s future direction and understand how each question applies to you. Let’s talk further and get started crafting and communicating your brand’s message.

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