Our Hero’s Journey with Alan Cohen

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Our Hero’s Journey with Alan Cohen


Rich and I started Craft & Communicate early in 2016 as an attempt to combine our talents and passions and allow us the ability to help clients whose passions and mission aligned with ours.

Late last year, we were presented the opportunity to bid on creating an updated website for Alan Cohen, a Holistic Life Coach, bestselling author, and life coach trainer in Hawaii. I had recently read Alan’s A Course in Miracles Made Easy, and loved the book. A Course in Miracles is something that I have picked up many times over the years but could never wrap my head around. I get the idea of it, and I believe in it, but I could never get my head around the text. Due to this, I have read several books and authors who have written about the text, and came across Alan’s book in early 2016. I loved it – it made the Course approachable for me, putting it in words that made sense and also in a format that made sense.


And then, a few months later, a friend reached out to us, someone who knew Alan personally, and let us know that Alan would be reaching out for a possible website rebrand.

Whoa. Right? How does the universe work like this? But wait – of course it does. The Course in Miracles states that it does. I believe that, and here it is – unravelling before our very own eyes.

After “meeting” Alan via video chat, we both got to work – researching as much as we can about coaching and learning about other inspirational authors and speakers. And that is how Rich came across Finding Joe, a documentary about Joseph Campbell which he had seen before – and – aha – features Alan Cohen.  

We were blown away. Here’s this person who we knew in book format, and turns out in documentary format as well, and we were given the opportunity to design and develop his new website. Wow, wow, wow.

And so, we did. After a few video conferences, emails, drafting designs and web development, we identified and then solved many of his pain points by:

  • Making the site easier to navigate
  • Designing it to be more modern and fresh
  • Creating a frustration-free admin section for him to be able to make content edits
  • Setting up WooCommerce for Alan to accept transactions
  • Adding in a custom events and programs section with categories, tuition information, RSVP fields, and more
  • Making the design and development process simple.

Alan’s new site is now live. We have been honored to work with him and his team in producing a product he is proud of. As fellow Hay House junkies, we’re thrilled to have been given this opportunity and are so happy to be able to stand by our original mission: Always Do Great Work.

You can view Alan’s new site here, and if you haven’t read A Course in Miracles Made Easy, I strongly suggest it.

~Jen Malloy



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