No Gimmicks and Nothing Shady: How to Market Your Senior Living Community

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No Gimmicks and Nothing Shady: How to Market Your Senior Living Community

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I’ve talked about this before and here I go saying it again: don’t use gimmicks to market your senior living community.

What do I mean by gimmicks?

A lot of things:

  • Language, such as: Hurry in. Buy now.
  • Marketing practices, such as: remarketing, click bait, black hat SEO.
  • Stock photography: seniors on bikes, seniors with punching bags.

We are not selling tennis shoes. We are selling love, companionship and care.

We are selling the most important parts of life.

Yes, we’re selling the granite countertops and the water features and the daily happy hours and the community grounds. We are mostly selling love.

This is why, at Craft & Communicate, we do not do anything stock. We do not use stock photography. We do not use stock content. We do not practice marketing principles like remarketing and we rarely run PPC ads too. We certainly do not stand by any shady marketing practices, and we don’t work with those who do. You will never gain the trust of seniors by doing anything other than:

Telling your story, truthfully.

This is what we do: we tell the story of your community. We do our job to communicate exactly what living at your community feels like and looks like. And then we ask your sales team to take it away – to go out into their community and meet and chat and connect. We ask your concierge to be trained to talk with a smile and with a positive voice and with love in their hearts. We ask your maintenance team to chat with the residents and the leads. We ask if your VP of sales knows the residents at their communities – touches them and connects with them. We ask if your CEO does, too.

If all of that is in place, we are all doing our jobs, and no gimmicks are needed. You won’t waste your money on sales tactics with us. We’ll only provide you with excellent service and a marketing campaign you can count on.

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~ Jen Malloy, Co-owner, Craft & Communicate