How to Manage Your Senior Living Facebook Page

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How to Manage Your Senior Living Facebook Page

Senior Living Facebook Marketing

Happy Friday, everyone!

Our monthly senior living marketing tips this March covers a sore spot for a lot of you: Facebook.

We work with senior living companies all across the US and often in our intro meeting, we are asked: will you manage our community Facebook pages?

Fairly often, my answer is: No.

Here’s why:

Your communities need to be running their Facebook pages. Your communities know the day-to-day heart, passion and the lifestyle of the community they represent. Facebook is a marketing tool, and it is also a lifestyle tool. Your sales and activities teams need to run these pages.

We’ll help. We’ll manage comments and we’ll deal with crises and we’ll post global initiatives and activities. But as far as the day-to-day is concerned, the most effective way to increase likes and interaction is for the people at your communities to take charge.

This all stems from you, your management, and your leadership. If you’re hiring people who use their best judgement, they will do so in all areas of the community.

Learn more in our Friday senior living marketing tips video: the Facebook edition.

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