Closing the Sale with a Real Senior Living Marketing Agency

We are a Senior Living Marketing Agency.

Closing the Sale with a Real Senior Living Marketing Agency

Craft & Communicate Senior Living Marketing in Fort Worth, TX

Four months ago we at Craft & Communicate, a senior living marketing agency, shook hands with our biggest client to date. Suddenly, our senior living marketing team grew from representing less than 40 communities in the Southeast to 67 throughout the U.S.

We got to work.

In four months for one client, 36 websites and 36 print collateral packets were designed and developed. Nearly 400 logos, flyers, ads, and postcards combined were designed, as well as more than 280 3D floor plans. In addition, public relations crises and lifestyle/business community stories were managed.

Before that, and most importantly, we needed to establish each community’s identity, brand and purpose, exposing its uniqueness to families and leads.

What our senior living marketing agency learned and how we grew in those few months would be invaluable, for ourselves, our current clients and our future clients.

It comes down to this: whether you are a senior living operator representing 1 community or 100, we are a one-size-fits-all agency. Our service, attention and communication will always remain the same. We are a senior-first marketing agency that provides white-glove service but isn’t afraid to get down in the trenches either.

Meet Craft & Communicate, the little team that could.

How We Do It

We have been a part of the senior living industry and marketing realm for years. We know how to combine both entities and effortlessly work within your business cycle of sales and operations teams. We understand your needs, and we have the strategy, tools and service to get it done right.

We look for who you are as a company and in your communities first, not what tools we can use. PPC, SEO, social media and content marketing are OK by themselves, but they are even better tools when combined with the identity of each of your communities.

Ask yourself these questions to gauge your identity: what defines your company? How are you establishing trust and respect for seniors and their families? Need help? Let us know how we can create your unique identity in the senior living industry.

Once identity is defined, the rest falls perfectly into place. All the tools … the research, the content, the design, the digital efforts, will reach a seamless symbiotic cycle. With your unique identity and our resources, the outcome will be consistency, trust and solid lead generation.

Our Success Because of (Real) Seniors

If at all possible, we don’t do stock photography and we don’t use templated designs. We customize communities with a senior-first mindset because it’s about placing focus on them, their value and their stories.

Instead of advertising with a stock image, we write lifestyle stories about your residents, generating organic media coverage and promoting real content on your websites and social media. No competitor can replicate these efforts because it is uniquely you, your residents and your story.

Nurture your existing residents, associates and families. It will be rewarded with positivity through online reviews, recommendations, referrals, amazing stories and more. But above all, it establishes and maintains the trust that led them to your community in the first place.

Thrive with a Real Senior Living Marketing Agency

Some marketing agencies just provide the tools. Some just help with brand identity. None offer both with results quite like Craft & Communicate.

If you are searching for a senior living marketing group that can partner with you, identify your needs and provides solid lead generation, this is how we do it.

We always take the time to discover what seniors truly want and need in a community. In this industry, we can all agree that they deserve only the best. So let’s give them the best.

If we are describing you, we want to partner with you … like-minded folks who will always have senior-first goals. Connect with us today to see how we can grow together.

Stay tuned for our future blog series featuring case studies, white papers and more to help your senior living business thrive.