46 Days.

We are a Senior Living Marketing Agency.

46 Days.


46 days. That’s how many are left in 2019. 

I didn’t want to end this year without sharing my personal views of success with my senior living marketing team, and I decided to extend that to our entire office today. 

We’re in a co-working office in Fort Worth. There are about 10 companies based out of here on any given day. Our group is the largest: we tend to take up a lot of space.  

This morning, I led us through 10 minutes of chair yoga followed by 10 minutes of meditation. My personal tools for success are movement. And then stillness. 

What is Your Definition of Better?

My goal each year is to be better. This year I wanted to be 10x better, and the best way to be 10x better is to commit to growth, and then share that with others.  

My business is 10x better. It’s also, as of this year, 10x bigger. And my team is 10x better.  I credit much of this to consistency: through movement, reflection, stillness, visualization, and being 100% sure of my end goals, both personally and professionally, for myself and my business.

This is what I shared with them today. When stuck:

  1. Move
  2. Sit

Movement breaks up barriers and gets us out of our ruts. Stillness allows new thoughts to appear. Both of these combined, when focused, lead to success. Stick to them daily and see what happens. 

There are 46 days until 2020. If you set a personal or business goal for the year and haven’t yet met it, it’s not too late.  

Stay focused, don’t quit. Begin to move, then find stillness. 

For those in DFW, I’m extending these sessions to you. Fridays at 10 AM, come move and sit with us. Message me to learn more.  

Peace to you,


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    Can you live stream sessions? Early morning?

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