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Craft & Communicate Senior Living Marketing Team at Craftwork in Fort Worth

A Time to Give Thanks in Senior Living

I’ve worked in senior living for over 13 years, and what I love the most about this industry is the sense of community that senior living offers. Walk into any senior living community across the U.S. and you’ll discover a unique culture with a unique assortment of people and a strong sense of community. It…
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46 Days.

46 days. That’s how many are left in 2019.  I didn’t want to end this year without sharing my personal views of success with my senior living marketing team, and I decided to extend that to our entire office today.  We’re in a co-working office in Fort Worth. There are about 10 companies based out of…
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Craft & Communicate Senior Living Marketing in Fort Worth, TX

Closing the Sale with a Real Senior Living Marketing Agency

Four months ago we at Craft & Communicate, a senior living marketing agency, shook hands with our biggest client to date. Suddenly, our senior living marketing team grew from representing less than 40 communities in the Southeast to 67 throughout the U.S. We got to work. In four months for one client, 36 websites and…
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Susannah over Client Relations,working through Q1 plans

Looking Ahead: Q1 2020 Senior Living Marketing Planning Tips

Now is the time for Q1 2020 senior living marketing planning. It’s the time of year to pause, look at trends, see where your residents are coming in from, and look into ways to improve results, improve your community, and improve your senior living marketing strategies for the new year. At Craft & Communicate, we…
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Good example of a gridline photo

The Top 10 Quick and Easy Photography Tips in Senior Living for Beginners

A picture is worth a thousand words. Wait, let’s revise that a bit … A good picture is worth a thousand words.  As a senior living professional, a good photo can showcase your community’s true spirit. Photos are great to show online, in your print collateral and on your advertisements. Knowing some photography tips in the senior…
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Senior Living Facebook Marketing

How to Manage Your Senior Living Facebook Page

Happy Friday, everyone! Our monthly senior living marketing tips this March covers a sore spot for a lot of you: Facebook. We work with senior living companies all across the US and often in our intro meeting, we are asked: will you manage our community Facebook pages? Fairly often, my answer is: No. Here’s why:…
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Senior Living Advertising

No Gimmicks and Nothing Shady: How to Market Your Senior Living Community

I’ve talked about this before and here I go saying it again: don’t use gimmicks to market your senior living community. What do I mean by gimmicks? A lot of things: Language, such as: Hurry in. Buy now. Marketing practices, such as: remarketing, click bait, black hat SEO. Stock photography: seniors on bikes, seniors with…
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Senior Living Advertising

Proactive Marketing in Senior Living

It’s January 2019, and it is my favorite season of the year: goal-planning season. This is the month where the Craft & Communicate team annually goes through all of the previous year’s data to begin setting into place an effective and strong content marketing plan for the months ahead. This is what we call proactive…
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Senior Living Video Testimonials

Retaining Residents in Senior Living

Retaining Residents in Senior Living: Why Resident Satisfaction Surveys are Out of Date, and What to Do About It. We all know the cost of retention in senior living is vastly cheaper than the cost of trying to get a new resident move in. Wait… we do know this, right? So, why do we spend…
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Authenticity through Photography and Truth

For several years now we’ve all been a part of a twist in traditional marketing. Us marketers who’ve been around for over a decade are excited about this, and also a bit scared. None of the old rules apply. No one is going to buy anything of value if you use the words “hurry” or…
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