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Craft & Communicate Senior Living Marketing and Advertising Team

How We Elevate You: Crisis Communications and Senior Living Marketing

Crisis communications have become a dire need now more than ever for senior living operators due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. Craft & Communicate is right there on the frontlines, assisting our communities with continuous communication, robust materials, and strategic public relations guidance. What exactly are we doing to assist our clients? Working with…
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Our 1 Question to Baby Boomers and What We Found

What’s the one thing that is most important to you over the next 20 years? That’s what we asked baby boomers in our area and we received many answers. But why are we asking this question? Craft & Communicate is collecting answers directly from the next senior living generation so we can ensure we are…
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Meredith of Craft & Communicate stands at desk looking at a marketing eblast

Setting Up a Winning Email Marketing Campaign in Senior Living

How much time do you spend sifting through emails? To be completely truthful, it’s probably not your favorite part of the day. Sure, you have your preferred businesses and publishers who provide information you’re actually interested in, but if you’re like me, 90 percent of what you receive goes straight to Archive before even opening…
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Senior Living Video Testimonials

Present the Lifestyle, Not the Sale: Reach Your Communities’ Future Residents

What does your messaging look like to your target audience? In senior living, there are multiple people we focus on beyond residents. It could be adult caregivers, doctors’ offices, or local professionals who provide referrals. With different people and therefore different messaging that we need to cater to, it can get confusing if our sales…
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Senior Housing Advertising

Who is Answering Your Phones?

Since 2006, I have created, led, managed, and developed marketing campaigns for senior living communities all across the United States. I’ve sat in sales training, lead marketing training, worked in management for the largest senior living company in the U.S. and worked in management for a small, boots-on-the-ground senior living company. Much has been discussed…
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Craft & Communicate Senior Living PR Efforts

Why You Need to Focus on Senior Living PR

Let’s talk about senior living and PR. But first, consider this: look at any TV news segment or article in the paper and you’ll likely find a ton of negative stories. As humans, it’s natural for negativity to have a strong impact on our minds. That is why news outlets continue to dig for the…
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The Past, Present, and Future: Applying the Dickens Principle to Senior Living

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach!” ― Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol The lessons from our past:…
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Craft & Communicate Senior Living Marketing Team at Craftwork in Fort Worth

A Time to Give Thanks in Senior Living

I’ve worked in senior living for over 13 years, and what I love the most about this industry is the sense of community that senior living offers. Walk into any senior living community across the U.S. and you’ll discover a unique culture with a unique assortment of people and a strong sense of community. It…
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46 Days.

46 days. That’s how many are left in 2019.  I didn’t want to end this year without sharing my personal views of success with my senior living marketing team, and I decided to extend that to our entire office today.  We’re in a co-working office in Fort Worth. There are about 10 companies based out of…
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Craft & Communicate Senior Living Marketing in Fort Worth, TX

Closing the Sale with a Real Senior Living Marketing Agency

Four months ago we at Craft & Communicate, a senior living marketing agency, shook hands with our biggest client to date. Suddenly, our senior living marketing team grew from representing less than 40 communities in the Southeast to 67 throughout the U.S. We got to work. In four months for one client, 36 websites and…
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