Video Testimonials

We are a Senior Living Marketing Agency.

Testimonial videos without the fuss.

Sitting behind a camera is uncomfortable for almost everyone. The lights, the microphones, the cameras… it can be unnerving, especially if a team is focused on the equipment and not on the interviewee.

Getting to know the residents at Sodalis Stone Oak

We recently had the honor of interviewing the residents, family and staff at Sodalis Stone Oak.  

We offer video testimonials and commercials as part of our monthly retainer services to our clients.

For over 5 years, the Craft & Communicate team has interviewed over 100 seniors and adult children across the United States. We empathize with the uncomfortableness of the filming process, and we empathize with the sorrow that often comes from these types of interviews. We celebrate the joys that come from these interviews, too. We are focused on making seniors and their children comfortable and at ease, by forming relationships and personal connections with each person who sits behind the camera.


Meet JoAnna and her grandfather Ted.  

We recently interviewed this family at San Marcos for Sodalis Senior Living.